Welcome to the Cabin!!!

Fishing Policies:

1. We have the right to check all cooler boxes, etc. at any time.

2. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

3. No Catch and Release,there will be a $35.00 fine, for fish thrown back in.

4. Measure fish before cleaning or price will be doubled.

5. Use net to land all fish.

Sacred Sharing Spaces​

 Have a Rustic Wedding, Redneck, or Camo , we challenge you to enjoy and transform the Wedding of your dreams here on our Homesteaded piece of land.

Elk Suite is the perfect lil' room for the Bride & Groom, Bear Falls is right next door for the gals to get ready. Then The Rustic Bunk is available to sleep the wedding party. We also offer Fishing, and Recreational Activities, Close Access to Parks and Recreation, in our 100% Organic, Nature Friendly environment .

We'll help you find your way.

Our Property has 360 acres of beautiful Mountain Property, as well as use of facilities. 

We have a Bunkhouse that will sleep 8,a Honey moon suite that can sleep 3, or you can bring a tent and pick your spot. Entertainment is up to you and the group, or we can discuss options from trail walks,fishing,paddle boating,riding around the Countryside, or play some games....indoor or out. There is a grassy field that sits just above one of three ponds. This made for some very different, yet absolutely stunning wedding nuptuials, and pictures. We have played a lot of baseball in this field as well. There have been many fond memories, endearing friendships, and a lot of Love built around this old Cabin.

There’s nothing quite like the outdoors. There is so much to do and enjoy, and that’s just what you’re going to do here at  Sacred Sharing Spaces. Not only do we offer hiking trails , Fishing,Viewing Wild Game, Bird Watching,Play Games,Hang out and read a Book,Go for a Mountain Bike Ride,endless possibilities of what you might enjoy! We’ve really got some great stuff that all will swoon over. Plus, we work hard to ensure the environment is protected, and preserved on this beautiful Mountain. So, get your tent, find your cast-iron skillet and make your way  over to Sacred Sharing Spaces. You never know what you might need (or find)!


Ol Homestead Cabin built in 1903